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Numerical control fiber(cloth tape)winding machine

Numerical control fiber(cloth tape)winding machine is special-purpose equipment used to wind one or muti-bundle of continuous filament gum dippings or prepreg cloth tape to the surface of the products or mandrel in accordance with certain rule to fabricat




Gantry type, horizontal type or vertical type for the structure of main frame,multi-stations for customers to choose.

Casting body or welding body with annealing treatment and abrasive blasting surface.

Linear guide for the support of moving parts .

Ball screw drive

Product(mandrel)adopts top automatic centering with three-jaw chuck clamp.

Tension control adopts mechanical type, electronic type or gas-electric type.

Winding Technological Characteristics

Fiber winding:resting winding, boon winding, spiral winding, zero winding

Tape wraping:boon winding, plain-stacking winding, oblique-stacking winding , spiral winding

Fiber class:carbon fiber, glass fiber, carbon cloth, high silica fiberglass cloth, etc.

Winding Software


Prompt of Chinese menu and friendly man-machine interface

Angle-changeable windings can be achieved in the same winding layer.

The windings with different line types, diameters and angles in the same winding process can be achieved.

Automatic switchover for spiral winding and boon winding

Automatic finding zero point

Yarn - breaking alarm and yarn automatic rebounding.


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