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The autoclave is a special equipment for hot-pressing shaping of composite materials (polyimide, bismaleimide, epoxy resin and thermoplastic resin matrices, etc.), the forms of which blanks, the honeycomb sandwich structure or glue joint are sealed up on

The autoclave is mainly applicable in the fabrication of various resin matrix composites and non-metal glue joint components, which is mainly used in the high-end composite material fields, including:

1. Aeronautic and astronautic industryavailable in the production of aircraft wingvertical fin and forebody large-scale launcher shellmotor casestructural components of space shuttlesatellite structuresolar cell panelextensible armsupport and  return-cabin of spacecraft, etc.

2. Weapons industryavailable in the production of protective armorweaponshelmet, etc.

3. Electronic industryavailable in the production of satellite antenna and its structural support, solar cell wing and shell, etc.

4. Automobile industryavailable in the production of autobodyforce support componentstransmission shaftengine mount and internal structures

5. Medical fieldavailable in the production of medical X-ray machine, CT machine rack and orthopaedic frame, etc.

6. Rail transit fieldavailable in the composite production of high speed train and metro doors and windows, etc.

7. Public security anti-terrorist fieldavailable in the composite production of  bulletproof vest, bulletproof helmet, etc.

8. Sports and entertainmentavailable in the composite production of racket, pogo stick, brassie, racing boat, etc.

9. Wind power generation fieldavailable in the composite production of large blade, etc.

10. Metal creep forming process


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